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Great Hardware Needs Powerful Software

 Whether your customers evolve in Retail, Healthcare, Distribution Center, or Transportation and Logistics, Honeywell Productivity offers the technology solutions they need to easily connect people, processes, and assets.

Communicating together and sending messages

In addition to excellent hardware and Mobility Edge, Honeywell offers many smart services that help your customers work more efficiently and optimise processes. In companies, most employees are networked with each other. There is a constant exchange of information. Communication is mostly verbal and via email and, in recent years, increasingly via various messaging services. Whether your customers’ mobile workers are delivering a shipment, helping shoppers in the aisle or bringing samples to the lab, they need smarter, more efficient ways to communicate and collaborate. Provide them with a unified communication platform that is secure and delivers what it promises!


Honeywell offers this communication and messaging software:

Business Intelligence

Honeywell’s software solutions are designed to get the most out of your customers’ employees and facilities. They help your customers transform their business. Honeywell business intelligence software manages the entire life cycle, operational visibility and performance analysis of assets, employees and tasks. In doing so, it helps enhance the company’s productivity and increase profitability. Honeywell business intelligence software helps your customers tackle current challenges such as battery life, missing equipment, equipment safety, and attracting and retaining productive, engaged employees.

Honeywell Business Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

With Operational Intelligence, Honeywell offers your customers a suite of solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment and enhance productivity. In addition to deep, data-driven insights, the Operational Intelligence solution suite enables your customers to implement workflow automation that prevents problems before they occur and manages issues in real time to significantly reduce IT support costs and negative impact on productivity.

Operational Intelligence
Honeywell Operational Intelligence solutions

The Operational Intelligence suite consists of 3 solutions:

How much money does it actually cost your customers to troubleshoot a problem in their company? According to research, it can take up to 83 minutes for companies to find the solution to a problem. This affects your customers’ productivity: Sales are missed, orders are not picked, meetings are postponed and deliveries are delayed.

It pays off: With Operational Intelligence, your customers regain up to 1.5 hours of productivity per employee and per resolved device issue with automated workflows, actionable alerts and insights, and remote device triaging!

With Honeywell's Operational Intelligence software, you help your customers keep their employees on the job, identify problems before they occur and reduce the total cost of ownership for equipment.

If your customers' most significant IT issues are related to mobility, printers or scanners, the standard version of Operational Intelligence is made for them: By implementing Operational Intelligence Standard and its robust Asset Management functions, your customers will see up to 9% of their serviced devices repaired remotely and 8% fewer mobile trouble tickets opened.

Talk smart with Smart Talk

Smart Talk is an intelligent all-in-one communication solution for today’s mobile employees. Smart Talk improves communication for your customers’ mobile employees across all industries. Smart Talk is an operating system and hardware-independent, cloud-based software solution. It supports Android, iOS and Windows operating systems for mobile and desktop devices from all manufacturers. Honeywell Smart Talk comes pre-installed and is optimised for selected Honeywell Mobility Edge mobile computers with voice capabilities – such as the CT45 / CT45 XP and CT60 XP – and is available for all Honeywell devices with voice capabilities.


What SmartTalk offers your customers:


Push-to-talk function


Secure calls, voicemail, call history


Secure messaging, video calls, group messaging


Helpdesk remote support

With Smart Talk, your customers reduce the mix of communication methods in the company. The software unifies communication to perform collaborative tasks. This reduces training and support and improves security – leaving IT to focus on other tasks.

With Honeywell Smart Talk, you provide your customers with a unified employee communications application that solves the problem of fragmented communications. The software also provides enterprise-grade security for voice calls, text and media messaging and user presence – all from one device.

Smart Talk ensures seamless roaming and provides audio quality for an excellent calling experience.

  • Seamless call continuity between WLAN and mobile networks
  • Network monitoring and MOS assessment on every call
  • Supports a wide range of audio codecs, including OPUS and SILK

Smart Talk provides advanced enterprise security to protect corporate information and employee data.

  • Voice and messaging encryption, support for TLS and Mutual TLS environments
  • MDM ready to lock or remotely wipe containers
  • Secure RTP support for encryption of video and audio media streams


The Smart Talk software may be deployed quickly – reducing implementation costs.

  • Interoperability with more than 100 SIP-based call servers, PBX and hosted providers
  • Operating system-independent (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Platform-independent (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet)
  • Use of LDAP for fast provisioning of users


Smart Talk may be used regardless of manufacturer. The software is scalable across the enterprise and existing devices.