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Mobility Edge

The dynamic platform for sustainable investment protection

With Mobility Edge, Honeywell has developed a dynamic and unified platform to make Android mobile devices truly durable. All Mobility Edge devices have two things in common: they use an Android operating system and the same modular system, which is also their core and computing power.

Honeywell offers your customers a comprehensive package of hardware and software support with the Mobility Edge platform – making mobile device management much easier and helping to build a sustainable system.

sustainable investment protection
Support until 2030

Support until 2030

Honeywell Mobility Edge provides mobile computers with guaranteed support for the current and four subsequent Android versions (Android R). To do this, Honeywell provides critical security updates beyond the official support period of the operating system version. This is done in the form of Honeywell’s Sentinel support and extends the usage period of the mobile device enormously. For a device purchased today with support up to Android R, a maximum support extension of 5 years applies. With Android R expected to be officially supported until 2025, your customers will benefit from Honeywell Sentinel support until 2030! So, the product life cycle is significantly longer through Mobility Edge than any other offering on the market.

Mobility Edge makes your customers’ mobile devices very durable and thus a sustainable investment!

Mobility Edge offers the following functions, among others:


Support for five generations of Android – Nougat to R


Honeywell Sentinel support provides up to 5 years of additional coverage


Faster and easier deployment of new devices, resulting in lower deployment costs


Productivity-enhancing tools to increase data capture speed and improve employee communications


Integrated scanning and voice communication capabilities


Enterprise life cycle tools optimise device availability and uptime, helping IT teams with integration


Battery life manager that may be used to extend battery life


Common architectural approach that allows an application to be developed, tested and certified only once for deployment

Helpful Honeywell Mobility Edge tools:

  • Enterprise Provisioner: The software for device provisioning. Basic settings of the devices may be adjusted according to a pattern, OS updates may be installed, apps may be pre-installed and file directories may be set up
  • Staging Hub: Enables the network-based distribution of a configuration to all units
  • Secure Provisioning: Ensures maximum security from initial configuration and during device provisioning through advanced cryptographic methods
  • Setup Wizard: As an alternative to setting up via configuration barcodes, the Setup Wizard also sets up a device manually
  • Android Zero-touch enrolment: This allows IT to issue devices without having to set them up each time manually – this saves time in the company

Mobility Edge at a glance


Support of 5 Android versions


Accelerated deployment
Fast, simple and cost-effective device deployment


Optimised performance
Improved communication and data collection


Extended life cycle
Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)