Vehicle-mount computer for warehouses and goods traffic processing

Honeywell Thor VM2

Honeywell Thor VM2
  • Robust vehicle terminal with 9.7'' touch display (IP66)
  • Practical smart dock for swift device exchange
  • Less downtime thanks to field-exchangeable front panel
  • 5 doubly-programmable quick access keys
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
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Daily routine was the force behind the development of the Honeywell Thor VM2 vehicle computer. The Thor VM2 delivers top performance in warehousing, at ports and freight yards – and everywhere else where work gets serious. Protected against dust, water (IP66), vibration (MIL-STD-810F) and impacts (SAE-J1455), this terminal is nearly indestructible. Yet handling is very comfortable via the large 9.7'' (24.6 cm) touch display.

Honeywell provides intelligent options to keep operating and acquisition costs to a minimum. The smart dock enables mounting and removal of the Thor VM2 in seconds, so that you simply equip every vehicle with a dock and switch the terminals as needed. The reserve battery even allows for a change during operation. Plus, the front panel is quickly replaceable in the field, which saves on valuable servicing time. When it comes to communication the Thor VM2 is well equipped: depending on the version Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3.75 WWAN are available. Windows Embedded or CE 6.0 is already pre-installed.