Highest efficiency via hands-free 2D scanning

Honeywell 8680i

Honeywell 8680i
  • Smart 2D barcode scanner as a ring or back of the hand model
  • Users have both hands free during work
  • Wireless connection to the host via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Enhanced variant available with a display
  • Development of your own app optionally possible
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Efficiently scan barcodes while having both hands free? That's child's play with the 8680i Mini Mobile Computer from Honeywell. This compact, lightweight device may be worn as a ring scanner on your pointer or middle finger, or on a highly breathable glove with cut protection, as needed. Since the scanner does not need to be laid aside that automatically means it does not need to be repeatedly picked up and put down. It communicates via Bluetooth with the host, so that no bothersome cables inhibit the user. Particularly shipping services, retailers, logistics companies and production employees will benefit from the significant increase in productivity that the 8680i provides.

In addition to the standard model there is an enhanced variant available with a customisable display on the rear. There, users receive all the information that they need for a smooth workflow at a glance. The enhanced scanner also offers Wi-Fi as a connectivity option, and a software development kit for the development of your own app. That's how Honeywell adapts the 8680i to user needs, right down to the very last detail.