Ergonomic hand and presentation scanner for high productivity

Honeywell Voyager 1250g

Honeywell Voyager 1250g
  • Reliable hand and presentation scanner with professional scan engine
  • Also reads poorly printed and damaged barcodes from up to 58 cm
  • Highly ergonomic and robust design (IP41)
  • Long warranty period of 5 years offers investment security
  • Multi-interface: USB, KBW and RS-232 in one device
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Honeywell has expanded its series of high performing linear scanners with its Voyager 1250g, a light and highly ergonomic hand scanner. It inherited its single line laser scan engine from the successful 1200g and boasts very impressive reading properties. This scanner recognises practically all linear barcodes, even if they are poorly printed or damaged. With the 1250g, Honeywell delivers a professional out-of-the-box solution with automatic configuration and interface recognition, for minimal installation effort.

Its design has been optimised for scanning-intensive operation. Plus, it guarantees a high throughput while preventing user fatigue. At a distance of up to 58 cm, it can read even hard to reach barcodes and scans them at up to a minimum printing contrast of 20%. With its optional stand, it automatically changes its operation mode. When its CodeGate function is activated, the scanner will independently read barcodes. The information it collects will only be transferred once the user presses the CodeGate button, to confirm correct barcode readings.